It’s like love… for the first time… feel it in your veins, breathe it in your lungs 

Australia has an amazing food culture, and Tourism Australia has recently launched a marketing campaign called Restaurant Australia to let the rest of the world know about it.

We’re so excited to share this brand new initiative and know we are in the right spot here in the Barossa to be a part of it. Watch carefully and near the beginning of the video you will see Seppeltsfield’s Centennial Cellar of 100 year old wines in barrel (located just across the road from us), then our next door neighbour Hentley Farm featured in the middle of the film with owner Keith welcoming visitors to his Cellar Door. 


Why we’re involved…
Peter (2)350px

Peter and I have always been passionate about the food heritage of the Barossa and the bountiful fruit and produce which grows in our amazing climate. We have seen the excitement of guests when they see the lemon tree by the front door of the cottage laden with lemons, something we totally took for granted until we realised that some countries can’t grow lemons! Guests love to pick our fresh cherries in November and marvel at the huge quinces & plump purple figs in Autumn….

Over the years as large supermarkets swallowed up corner stores, our local Barossa food artisans kept producing food as it was meant to be and old recipes not only survived but thrived. Apex bread made in their wood fired oven that has been running for over 80 years and Linke Family Butcher’s smoked bacon, kassler rib, lachsschlinken & mettwurst are just two examples of this heritage. Our milk comes from Jersey cows 5 kilometres down the road!

We are so blessed to be able to offer our guests these special tastes of the Barossa as a part of their experience, which is described on the Restaurant Australia website’s South Australia page.

This photo is a favourite of mine and was taken by Dragan Radocaj capturing Peter in his Shiraz vineyard at one of the most beautiful times of the day, late afternoon. This is the view guests have from the cottage front verandah…. not a bad way to spend the afternoon with a glass of wine in hand?!

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