Planning travel destinations with the aid of technology and social media can be fun, but there is still nothing like having an expert you know and trust to guide you.
Especially someone who knows exactly what it is you want and has the personal experience, passion and knowledge to find it for you.


Peter and I have had the pleasure of meeting such a person.

Riya Thanissorn recently stayed in our cottage and until a conversation prior to her departure, we were not aware of her business Truant Travel Design. Riya’s website is a collection of beautifully written experiences of exquisite, exotic destinations both close to home in Australia and globally.

Her writing style alone makes me want to jump on a plane and get to each of the destinations as quickly as I can!

And yet, each written piece tells it like it is. Entertaining, straight to the point, the good and the not so good. The things we really want to know before committing our precious time and hard earned dollars.

We were of course delighted that Riya considered Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage worthy of being a part of the Truant collection of stories >>>>

Soneva Kiri 097


The thing is, this is Riya’s passion. When you have read Riya’s journey leading up to establishing Truant, it becomes clear why her service and experience sets her apart.
So, before you commit yourself to that trip of a lifetime, consider investing in Riya’s expertise to really make it the trip of a lifetime!

The images on the Truant Facebook page are inspiring too….



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