Best Coffee in the Barossa Valley

Want to find some delicious coffee in the Barossa?

Next to good Barossa wine surely comes finding a good Barossa coffee…and we’re all so fussy now because we are thoroughly spoilt here in Australia! This list is by no means complete and I’ll follow up in another blog with some more coffee options, this is just to get you started!

So, here are some tips on where to get some of the best Barossa coffee. Thank you to my very good friend and neighbour B, (who knows all things coffee!) 

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Get your “Green Fix” in Luxury Barossa Vineyard Accommodation for up to Eight Friends!

So many of our past guests have expressed a desire to return to the Barossa and bring their friends, so they too can enjoy the “green fix” that rolling hills, vineyards and fresh country air offer. But…. they wanted to stay again at Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage and have their friends stay nearby in a cottage, also in beautiful Seppeltsfield. Now we have the perfect solution!

Our wonderful neighbours, Skye and Andrew Quinn, have painstakingly renovated a cottage overlooking our property. Known as Cambourne Boutique Accommodation, the cottage is located on their 18 acre Shiraz vineyard and offers amazing elevated views of the Barossa Valley. 

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Barossa Valley Food Heritage – Making Butter, Quark & Kochkase!

We are so blessed here in the Barossa Valley with not only a combination of wonderful, passionate food producers, talented chefs and an amazing food history, but also people who have spent many hours of time and energy ensuring Barossa food traditions are preserved and shared.

A recent initiative of the Barons of the Barossa was to fund a project where six videos were made featuring early settler foods. Local chef Mark McNamara and Barossa Masterchef finalist Callum Hann visit the cooks in their own kitchens preparing the food. The aim is to promote and preserve the Barossa’s unique food culture.

I hope you enjoy this video, I’m sure if you’re under 60 years of age you will be stunned at how easy butter is to make!

If you would like to see the whole series of videos, they can be found  on Mark McNamara’s Food Luddite website.



Stay and Meet our Barossa Neighbours!

Loving where you stay is a huge part of your Barossa holiday (or any holiday!), but being able to combine that stay with nearby experiences is the icing on the cake.

We made this video to show the wonderful experiences that are within close proximity to your cottage and the wonderful people and businesses who are our neighbours.

Whether it’s a 5 minute walk to Hentley Farm for a long lunch (or just a wine tasting or both!) or a 15 minute walk up through our neighbours vineyard and across to Fino restaurant and all the delights of Seppeltsfield Winery. Who would have thought you would be shopping for handmade shoes, beautiful hats or a bespoke knife in a winery?

The best thing is though, that you will feel welcome and part of where we live. We all know each other and love to share our experiences with you that we think you will enjoy.

Of course, right next to the cottage is our Seize the Day vineyard and as you can see in the video, you can be as close and personal as it gets in a Barossa vineyard!

We hope to be able to welcome you to Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage one day soon.


The Barossa Farmers Market Up Close and Personal

I think the Domain Day Balsamic Vinegar story is a classic Barossa one. It is a story of how Barossa winemaker Robin Day turned a wine making error (not his!) into a foodie’s delight.
This is Robin’s story in his owns words……

“There is a legendary story about the famous winemaker, Peter Lehman. When he was a youngish winemaker at Saltrams, a lady from the group he was showing through the winery asked, “Young man, do you make vinegar?” to which he replied, “Not intentionally, madam.”

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Best Barossa Cellar Doors (Part 2!)

As we said in our “Best Barossa Cellar Doors Part 1” blog, whether you can say a cellar door is the best or not is like enjoying wine, it’s a very personal thing. However, we’d still like to give you some personal Barossa Cellar Door recommendations that we know reflect what the Barossa does best and that our Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage guests have enjoyed. Many of our guests are wine enthusiasts from all over the world as well as Aussies. Our job is to make sure they see the best of the Barossa wherever they come from. So, we listen to what they say after a day out and about. But even after all this, you will just have to come and try our recommendations for yourself to see if we are on the right track!
The old basket press in the above image is from France, and symbolises the old world, hands on wine making practices which Izway Wines, just one of our recommended cellar doors, follows. Please read on!

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Arkaba Station. Luxury in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges

If you love the Australian outback, the Flinders Ranges, luxury accommodation (I’m talking bespoke furnishings, ensuite bathrooms, pool, house chef & dining under the stars), environmental sustainability, trekking and glamping, then a stay at Arkaba Station is definitely for you, because it has it all! Featured in Great Walks of Australia you can get active or just wait for your loved one by the pool at the Homestead!  Let Brendon, Arkaba’s Manager (who oozes passion and love for Arkaba Station) explain….

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Luxury private pool, spa and sauna

Luxury accommodation, often promised, often elusive. With your own private pool, spa and sauna, The Frames in South Australia’s Riverland delivers in spades!

We love pampering our guests at Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage, and when we get away we like to be pampered with luxury accommodation ourselves. The Frames, a new contemporary, architecturally designed destination, ticks all the boxes for us. Located in South Australia’s beautiful Riverland and perched on a cliff top overlooking the magnificent Murray River, there are three pavilions; Montage (our pavilion), Pastiche and Collage. We arrived frazzled (as do most of us it seems after organising to get away!) and our own private pool, infra red sauna and hydrotherapy spa combined with a seemingly infinite array of other luxury features, made this our ultimate “chill out” holiday destination.

Inspirational owners Cathy and Rick Edmonds, who grow citrus and grapes on a nearby Riverland farm, are previous Deluxe Accommodation Australian Tourism Award winners for another property, and have used their experience, vision and passion for the Riverland to build a world class destination for us all to enjoy!

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Food Luddite Cooking Classes in the Barossa Valley

Luxury Travel & Things to Do

When it comes to luxury experiences in the Barossa, it’s not just us saying the Experience Packages we offer are the things to do!

Here’s a great article from Signature Travel and Style Magazine and all of the experiences described are located right around Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage, some of them even within walking distance!

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